Wall Street Trader – now you see the future!

Wall Street Trader is an analytical portal which aggregates data on stock market of the USA and provides it daily in a convenient form.

Wall Street Trader specializes in search of large trends and time from the beginning, and conditions also necessary for this purpose.

You will be able to see the first places in the market where institutional investors enter the market and where they leave.

We also have history of their transactions for the last 15 years and you could see on history as the market reacts to transactions.

The main market for trading is the US stocks market (SPY, NASDAQ).

It is in the future planned to add also other platforms.

All information gathers from the closed sources manually therefore it can seldom be updated (once a week). However for trading as has shown experience, it isn’t strongly terrible since large “clever money” enters and leaves the market gradually, not in one day. And there is always an opportunity to open the necessary position and orders.

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Stocks, sold by the largest brokers and it’s clients (history)
Stocks, sold by the largest brokers and it’s clients (2016) – updates every weekend

Stocks, sold by big company owners (history)
Stocks, sold by big company owners (2016) – updates every weekend

C.O.T. on US indexes – updates every weekend

How to work with this system

Usually the market falls or grows on very big transactions of brokers or large players, owners of the companies. It happens practically always without any exception.

Work with a portal consists in tracking fresh data and waiting for especially large volumes for sale or purchase then it is possible to enter to your own transactions.

Example of large volume (on history):

Example 1

After such sales the market usually falls.

Example 2

If to speak about statistics of our traders, there are such investors who had no losses for all years of work of service at all. And it besides that people have earned the decent sums of money. And the most important – continues to be earned and today.

Try it for free. Estimate the accuracy of the analysis of the market (we guarantee that this one of the best offer in the market on the analysis of the American market today), check everything within several months and make the decision concerning the Wall Street Trader portal.

We wish You Success!